If you are interested in exploring new opportunities in your chosen field, we have the answer. Since 1990, Scantec has been placing top quality candidates in Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

Our focus has always been on long-term relationships and with our contacts in high profile businesses and extensive field network; we can help you to access outstanding opportunities that go beyond the job’s boards

With Quality Assurance and Quality Control industry specific experience, our team of recruiters share your background and have a deep knowledge of the industry. We take the time to listen to your career goals and experience in order to find the best position in an organization that fits with your cultural and technical needs.

Honesty and communication are at the heart of our approach and for every candidate, Scantec conducts a thorough analysis of your skills, experience and career goals. Whether you are actively looking for a new role or just passively keeping your eye on opportunities in the current market for now, we understand that the decision to pursue new employment is important one.

Our award-winning service goes beyond the traditional approach to partner with you from the search and exploration process through to application, interviewing, role negotiation and securing a role that will enhance all areas of your life.

Scantec is renowned amongst high-ranking Quality Assurance and Quality Control candidates for having an unsurpassed track record. Partner with us today to manage your career, and we promise complete commitment and satisfaction.

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