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An Interview with Adele Nicol, Internal Recruitment Manager

What is your role at Scantec?

I am the Internal Recruitment Manager. I oversee the recruitment of all Scantec employees. I celebrated my third year in the business in March 2015. My responsibilities are Identifying, Attracting and Qualifying potential “talent” in the job market.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I have over eight years experience within the recruitment industry. Within previous Global recruitment companies I sometimes felt like a “cog in a corporate wheel”. It seemed that employees were only recognised for their results. Here at Scantec, although we are a sizeable organisation, the culture is much more personable, and you are recognised as an individual for your work and achievements. It is also very refreshing to work for a Managing Director who takes a genuine interest in you as an employee and your ideas and invests time in you to achieve the overall goal.

What has been your proudest moment since joining the company?

When I joined the company, we had a historic usage of a psychometric platform to help “qualify” potential new staff. We had been using this platform for a number of years and whilst this has supported us in finding the right people in the past, there was a lack of diversity offered by this assessment, and a more bespoke solution was required. I started researching new psychometric suppliers within the market to gauge if we could find a better, more focused “recruitment tool” to utilise within our internal recruitment process. This led to the implementation and roll-out of a brand-new platform that is now used, not only for internal recruitment but also used in identifying the behavioural traits of our business and our individual teams. It was really satisfying to receive such positive and solid feedback and witness how the platform has opened up so many doors across the company.

Why should someone consider a career at Scantec?

Scantec’s main focus is continuing to be an adaptive business with a high level of organisational emotional intelligence. We are moving with the times with an environment where people can flourish and reach the height of the recruitment profession. There is a high level of autonomy, and this leads to highly motivated and engaged teams that feel free to inject new ideas, bring creativity and put their ideas across in an open environment.

What attributes are required to be successful in the recruitment industry?

Different people bring different qualities and attributes to the role; our staff members come from all walks of life. People can join the industry with transferable skills from other sectors or at entry level and become successful quickly. In my opinion, it’s personality over experience. It’s about finding people with the right mindset for your company who share the same ethics and have a natural urge to “want to succeed.”

Who do you admire – professional or otherwise?

Nelson Mandela – I admire anyone who goes against the norm and makes changes. Someone who stays strong and true in the face of adversity.

What are your favourite pastimes?

Listening to good music, drinking good wine and eating good food and exploring new countries and experiencing new cultures.

What is the worst job you have had?

Working as an egg fryer in the canteen at a crisps factory when I was 16!

The top 3 highlights of your life?

1. My daughter who is now 4.
2. My travel/working experience in New York.
3. The time I spent in South Africa where I achieved my life-long ambition to swim with Great White Sharks.

Tell us something that people would be surprised to know.

I have had lunch with Courtney Cox at her Malibu mansion!

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